December 7, 2012
2012 25 Hours of Thunderhill – Day 1

The first day of testing (Thursday) at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill is complete and all of the hard work we have done this year seems to be paying off. Another solid day of testing and prep for the 25 is under our belts.

The track was green after last week’s torrential NorCal storm (the anti-rain dance RJ Racing did seemed to work: the rain stopped Wednesday afternoon right before we got to the track). Unfortunately, a lot of the drivers seemed very green too. The main conversation (besides how amazing the weather was today!) seemed to be about the driving on display. Cars rolling down hills, engines blowing, three wide passing in turn 8 – experienced drivers know that two wide through turn 8 is a bad idea, mud on track after one green lap. If I didn’t know what day it was I could have sworn we were six hours from the checkered flag on Sunday!

With all this craziness going on we seemed to pick up just where we left off last year – smooth, consistent lap times by all team drivers with not a wheel placed wrong all day. We are very fortunate to not only have a dedicated and enthusiastic crew but also two out of our three additional team drivers from last year. As you can imagine, this allows us to have total faith in their driving abilities (and Jaime Florence and Craig Evans definitely have those!) but we also know that they understand our team dynamic and processes (which can get a little anal sometimes!).

Tomorrow will kick off with some always exciting brake bedding and tire scrubbing. Stay tuned for the results of that!


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